DaiCon Malaysia 2009

A BIG event in Malaysia next semester: DaiCon 2009.


I really wanna go to this event! The timing is so nice, since July is quite far from my SPM (biggest exam in M’sia).

DaiCon Malaysia 2009 is going to be held at Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya from 11-12 July 2009. The event is absolutely free of charge. A lot of things are there, to promote J-Music, doujins, figurines, etc.

Chihara Minori, the seiyuu of Nagato Yuki and my favorite among the trio, is performing a show during the event.

The only problem is… tickets for numbered seatings are sold at minimum RM 150. To get her autograph, we need to get the RM 250 tickets. I don’t know whether the show can be watched for free or not (far at the back, I mean). I don’t really crave the Q&A sessions with her or her autograph, it’s enough that I can get to see her perform LIVE. I’m a student, so the last thing I want is to spend hundreds of ringgit on entertainment. Plus, I have a new dSLR camera my father bought for me this year, so sitting far at the back won’t be too much of a trouble for me with my 75-300 mm lens 😉

For more information, you can visit the official website: DaiCon.


~ by gyokishiki on May 23, 2009.

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