K-ON! Episode 07


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I’ve watched K-ON! Episode 07 today! This post is written on 16 May 2009.

Note: This is the very first time I’m watching an anime series still airing in Japan, fufufu. Episode 8 just aired in Japan yesterday! XD
Don’t blame me for getting excited over simple stuff like this!

K-ON! is an anime focussing on a school club i.e. Light Music Club or Keion Bu (thus the name K-ON!). The club was to be disbanded as there were not enough people – it needs four people but it had three. The president of the club, Ritsu also the drummer, along side two other club members, Mio (bassist) and Tsumugi (keyboardist) strived for another member to be the guitarist. In the meanwhile, Hirasawa Yui happened to be a clumsy airhead who still couldn’t choose which club to join after two weeks since school started. Seeing the advertisement by the Light Music Club, Yui decided to enter the club, thinking that the club plays, well, light music such as clastanettes and such. The members of the club were so happy with Yui’s appliance and thought that she was a guitar prodigy… hence starts the adventure of K-ON!

Keion in Japanese does not really mean “light” music; it is more accurately translated to “pop” music. Source: Wikipedia.

I’m in LOVE with two characters: Akiyama Mio and Hirasawa Yui. Ritsu and Tsumugi are cute, I like them, but they just can’t beat Mio and Yui!

mio akiyama - s.jpg

Akiyama Mio: Bassist of the K-ON! Band. She portrays a mature character yet very cute n shy. Your typical tsundere girl! My fav in the series!


Hirasawa Yui: The guitarist of the band. A cute, clumsy character who is care free and always space out. This kind of character makes me wanna pat them on their heads and pinch their cheeks, lol.

But… Not Mio nor Yui can ever beat my love for Hiiragi TSUKASA from Lucky Star. If there’s a real Tsukasa out there, wait… there can’t be a 3D Tsukasa. Haha. Hmm, there’s a girl kawaii and clumsy like Tsukasa in my class. Shhh. Not gonna talk ’bout it. Hehe.

BTW, I can’t get the OP and ED off my head – so addictive:

K-ON! OP – Sakurakou K-ON Bu – Cagayake Girls
K-ON! ED – Sakurakou K-ON Bu – Don’t say “lazy”

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I do. KyoAni rocks!!!


~ by gyokishiki on May 16, 2009.

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