Comic Fiesta ’08


 I’ve long planned to create a blog like this (and I had but I forgot my password, haha) but it isn’t wrong to say that this event gets me rolling.

We read the advertisement on Comic Fiesta in GEMPAK and my li’l bro asked my mom if we could go and my mom approved. My junior, MD-kun a.k.a. FaTa-taichou heard about this and asked if he could tag along. That’s the story how the three of us end up at CF, held at Sunway Convention Centre on 21st December.

It was a lot to see there: the stage performances, cosplays, competitions, HP & AMD booths, doujin and artists’ booths, figures, anime merchandise and a whole lot more. We went there on the 2nd day of the fiesta as I had to go to Perak on the 1st day.

I don’t plan to rant a lot in this post because, firstly, it’ll be boring, secondly, I’m lazy and thirdly, the pics will say a thousands of words for me. 😉

Waa, I’m so happy that I got myself a Bleach wallet, Ichigo’s zanpakutou, anime bookmarks and button badges! My bro got himself a Lawak Kampus jersey and Naruto’s gloves – I guess he’s more into cosplay than I am! Hai, next year I’m gonna cosplay (maybe… Ichirou Oogami from Sakura Taisen or Siefgried from HSD Kenichi?) if I have the chance!


~ by gyokishiki on December 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Comic Fiesta ’08”

  1. haha..skitnyer gamba kat CF. Ak ade lg byk lg tau x. nnt la ak post kat blog ak. skang mls nk post. huhu~

  2. weh, skitnyer gamba kat CF. ak ade byk. tp mls nk post jek kat blog ak. LOL XD

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