DaiCon Malaysia 2009

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A BIG event in Malaysia next semester: DaiCon 2009.


I really wanna go to this event! The timing is so nice, since July is quite far from my SPM (biggest exam in M’sia).

DaiCon Malaysia 2009 is going to be held at Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya from 11-12 July 2009. The event is absolutely free of charge. A lot of things are there, to promote J-Music, doujins, figurines, etc.

Chihara Minori, the seiyuu of Nagato Yuki and my favorite among the trio, is performing a show during the event.

The only problem is… tickets for numbered seatings are sold at minimum RM 150. To get her autograph, we need to get the RM 250 tickets. I don’t know whether the show can be watched for free or not (far at the back, I mean). I don’t really crave the Q&A sessions with her or her autograph, it’s enough that I can get to see her perform LIVE. I’m a student, so the last thing I want is to spend hundreds of ringgit on entertainment. Plus, I have a new dSLR camera my father bought for me this year, so sitting far at the back won’t be too much of a trouble for me with my 75-300 mm lens 😉

For more information, you can visit the official website: DaiCon.


K-ON! Episode 8 and…

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Today, I downloaded two episodes of anime that totally made my day.

Both of which aired less than 24 hours ago in Japan – you gotta salute the subbers.

First, K-ON! Episode 8 (subbed by CoalGuys).


Download link (torrent): http://torx.ath.cx/t/%5BCoalGuys%5D%20K-ON!%20-%2008%20%5B585E898F%5D.mkv.torrent

Spoiler (ripped from Wikipedia):

Ui makes it into Yui’s school as a freshman, as well as new student Azusa Nakano. When the class arrangements are announced, Yui, Mugi and Ritsu end up in the same class, whilst Mio ends up in a different class with Nodoka. The group put up with Sawako’s ideas of promoting the club by dressing them up as animals. Ui and her friend visit the club only to find everyone dressed as maids. However, the band find it impossible to play with the outfits on. Meanwhile Azusa walks around looking for a club that’s right for her. The group gets ready for a live performance, but Mio is too embarrassed to do the vocals, so Yui does them instead. Yui forgets the lyrics, but Mio manages to back her up. Ui brings Azusa to watch the show, who is so moved by it that she goes to join the club.

New song by Mio and Yui – My Love is a Stapler!

And secondly, an episode titled “Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody”, the first episode of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Season 2!


Download link (torrent): http://www.nyaatorrents.org/?page=download&tid=65439

A rerun of the first season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was aired on TBS starting 3 April 2009. This time, the series is aired chronologically instead of the original “Haruhi’s order”. After seven episodes were aired, the eighth episode was found out to be a new episode, that is Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody. It is alternatively known as Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (2009) Episode 8 (subbed by Mazui).

I’m too lazy for a self-written review of this episode. And I know most of you wouldn’t wanna a spoiler for this huge anime, right? Enough of this picture of a long-haired Haruhi as a teaser, ne!

BTW, the ED kinda disappoint me. Maybe I’m biased since I here Hare Hare Yukai almost everyday :p Nevertheless, Tomare, sung by the SOS-dan girls: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXFnd32egRM

In conclusion, I am satisfied with the new episode. The episode is good enough to satisfy a long wait!

K-ON! Episode 07

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k-on - s.jpg

I’ve watched K-ON! Episode 07 today! This post is written on 16 May 2009.

Note: This is the very first time I’m watching an anime series still airing in Japan, fufufu. Episode 8 just aired in Japan yesterday! XD
Don’t blame me for getting excited over simple stuff like this!

K-ON! is an anime focussing on a school club i.e. Light Music Club or Keion Bu (thus the name K-ON!). The club was to be disbanded as there were not enough people – it needs four people but it had three. The president of the club, Ritsu also the drummer, along side two other club members, Mio (bassist) and Tsumugi (keyboardist) strived for another member to be the guitarist. In the meanwhile, Hirasawa Yui happened to be a clumsy airhead who still couldn’t choose which club to join after two weeks since school started. Seeing the advertisement by the Light Music Club, Yui decided to enter the club, thinking that the club plays, well, light music such as clastanettes and such. The members of the club were so happy with Yui’s appliance and thought that she was a guitar prodigy… hence starts the adventure of K-ON!

Keion in Japanese does not really mean “light” music; it is more accurately translated to “pop” music. Source: Wikipedia.

I’m in LOVE with two characters: Akiyama Mio and Hirasawa Yui. Ritsu and Tsumugi are cute, I like them, but they just can’t beat Mio and Yui!

mio akiyama - s.jpg

Akiyama Mio: Bassist of the K-ON! Band. She portrays a mature character yet very cute n shy. Your typical tsundere girl! My fav in the series!


Hirasawa Yui: The guitarist of the band. A cute, clumsy character who is care free and always space out. This kind of character makes me wanna pat them on their heads and pinch their cheeks, lol.

But… Not Mio nor Yui can ever beat my love for Hiiragi TSUKASA from Lucky Star. If there’s a real Tsukasa out there, wait… there can’t be a 3D Tsukasa. Haha. Hmm, there’s a girl kawaii and clumsy like Tsukasa in my class. Shhh. Not gonna talk ’bout it. Hehe.

BTW, I can’t get the OP and ED off my head – so addictive:

K-ON! OP – Sakurakou K-ON Bu – Cagayake Girls
K-ON! ED – Sakurakou K-ON Bu – Don’t say “lazy”

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I do. KyoAni rocks!!!

Moe Moe Kyun!

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I guess I’m too late, but I wanna join the CRAZINESS too!

Tommy heavenly6 – PAPERMOON

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To tell you honestly, I’ve been repeating this song over and over again. It is just so addictive that I can’t stop! The PV is quite nice too, Kawase is quite kawaii in the PV even though she’s thirty plus (and already married, XD). Okay, on to the lyrics!


I’m falling down into my shadow
iki wo hisomete matteiru deadly night
Don’t scary majou ga egaita
kabocha no majou mo sono me ni utsuseru kara
See you in your dreams yeah baby
kowai yume dato shitemo
Fairy Blue kimi no tameni hoshi wo kudaki
kazari tsuketa Black Paper Moon
shinjite kureta nara when you’re lost “here” I am…
“Forever” with your soul
miagereba kagayaku tsuki no youni

amai shinku no jam wo otoshita card ni
ukabiagaru moji
Your destiny kimi ga nozomeba
donna sekai mo sono te ni tsukameru kara
madowasarenaide dare nimo kowasenai
Fairy Blue kimi ga kureta ikiru akashi
kizuna to iu eien
sakende kuretanara I will find you my dear
doko ni itemo karamitsuku jubaku wo tokihanatsute

dare mo shinjirarenakute hikutsu ni naru toki mo aru
soredemo kimi no kotoba wa itsudemo mune ni hibiiteru

Fairy Blue kimi no tameni hoshi wo kudaki
kazari tsuketa mejirushi
yume wo miushinatte mayotta toki miagete hoshii
Fairy Blue kimi ga kureta ikiru akashi
kizuna to iu shinrai
kimi wa hitori janai when you’re lost “here” I am…
“Forever” with your soul
tadoritsukeru kimi ga shinjirunara

(by ghitgo from http://www.jpopasia.com/lyrics/12387/tommy-heavenly6/papermoon.html)

Comic Fiesta ’08

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 I’ve long planned to create a blog like this (and I had but I forgot my password, haha) but it isn’t wrong to say that this event gets me rolling.

We read the advertisement on Comic Fiesta in GEMPAK and my li’l bro asked my mom if we could go and my mom approved. My junior, MD-kun a.k.a. FaTa-taichou heard about this and asked if he could tag along. That’s the story how the three of us end up at CF, held at Sunway Convention Centre on 21st December.

It was a lot to see there: the stage performances, cosplays, competitions, HP & AMD booths, doujin and artists’ booths, figures, anime merchandise and a whole lot more. We went there on the 2nd day of the fiesta as I had to go to Perak on the 1st day.

I don’t plan to rant a lot in this post because, firstly, it’ll be boring, secondly, I’m lazy and thirdly, the pics will say a thousands of words for me. 😉

Waa, I’m so happy that I got myself a Bleach wallet, Ichigo’s zanpakutou, anime bookmarks and button badges! My bro got himself a Lawak Kampus jersey and Naruto’s gloves – I guess he’s more into cosplay than I am! Hai, next year I’m gonna cosplay (maybe… Ichirou Oogami from Sakura Taisen or Siefgried from HSD Kenichi?) if I have the chance!


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Welcome to my newest blog!

This blog will be the place where I will share my entertainment life: something that is very unfavourable to be read by my educators at school. Stuff that I’ll share here will be mostly about J-pop, manga and anime, but the list is non-exhaustible. Basically I’ll post on anything entertaining me but since Japanese music has kept me entertained for quite a time now, most of my posts ought to be J-related stuff.

A little something extra:

Kinyoubi (金曜日) is Japanese for Friday, since I’m a Friday child.
Gyokishiki (御貴識) is a self-translation of my Arabic name, guess lah.

Ja, mata ne!